A Happy Tale about Happy Kale & a Sweet Green Smoothie

Little things make me so happy, like when I discovered this new trick for keeping kale — Joy! Kale is a superfood and I try to keep it on hand, but it doesn’t last long in the fridge. Time after time, I would find myself setting out yet another unopened bundle of kale for our resident wild bunny, and sometimes even she didn’t want it. Nobody wants limp and wilted, totally unhappy kale.

So here’s what you can do. Take a 2-cup glass measuring cup and add about 1 cup of spring water. Then take a bunch of organic kale leaves with stems. Remove the rubber bands or other fasteners, and then cut about 1/2 inch off of each stem at the bottom. Place the kale leaves in the cup of water (like flowers in a vase) and place the whole thing in the refrigerator (just like that, uncovered) until you are ready to make a smoothie. Your kale will stay crisp and healthy for a few days longer this way. No wilted kale, yeeeay!!


Using this trick, you can enjoy (and share) a great sweet green smoothie every day. This is the smoothie I have been really excited about making lately. You need the following washed organic produce:

  • 2 apples
  • 1 cup red grapes
  • 4 large kale leaves
  • 100% apple cider

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Happy Kale Smoothie

Take 2 apples, remove the stems, stickers, and cores, slice them, and add to your blender jar. Add about 1 cup of red grapes, no stems. Add 3 or 4 leaves of kale, stems removed and leaves shredded into a few smaller pieces. Pour in about 1 cup of apple cider. You can vary any of these amounts. Use whatever is on hand.



Close the blender top, blend and pour. I hope you enjoy it. You don’t need any extra sweetener or other additives. This is pure sweet organic wholesome energizing & revitalizing goodness. Try it! Happy Apple & Kale Season, and Happy Veggie Thanksgiving!


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